Should AEP/APCO s latest legal maneuvers prevail to ignore our State property rights in violation of their Federal license -- the following is what we can expect to happen at Smith Mountain and Leesville Lakes ....

    Extract from Coalition for Fair and Equitable Docks (US 8th Circuit Court of Appeals)

“Pursuant to Article 41, after public notice and comment, Union Electric adopted permit requirements for use and occupancy of project land and waters. Anyone desiring to build or modify structures, including docks, on project property, was required to apply for a permit. Effective January 1, 1999, Union Electric adopted two "User fees," one covering all permits for new docks and modifications to existing docks, and the other being a user fee applicable to docks occupying more than 3000 square feet of water space. The fee for new construction and modification was set at a single payment of $400 for docks of between 1800 and 3000 square feet and $250 for docks less than 1800 square feet. For docks larger than 3000 square feet, the fee was a recurring annual fee of $.045 per square foot. Union Electric's permit instructions stated: "Total fees collected by [Union Electric] will be applied to [Union Electric's] shoreline management costs at the Lake of the Ozarks."”

Ameren Missouri Fee Schedules at Lake of the Ozarks

Processing Fee List (Non-Refundable)

 Boat Dock Permits   Fee
New Permit for one-slip dock  $150 plus $25 for each additional slip
Permit Modification  (includes addition of one slip)  $75 plus $25 for each additional slip
Certified dock builder application  $300
Certified dock builder annual  $100
Certified dock builder reinstatement  $300
 Bank Stabilization Permits  
 Seawall  $300 for first 100 feet plus $1/foot over 100 feet
Vegetation or riprap (vegetation planting or rock placement to prevent bank erosion)  $100
 Dredging-excavation permit  $300 
 Boat Launching Ramp permit  $100
 Pre-2008 Deck permit*  $100
 Permit extension  $25
 Permit transfers (All permitted facilities may be transferred with one application and fee)  $35
 Other permits (i.e., water intakes, utility facilities)  $50
 Pre-2008 Patio permit*  $100
 Pre-2008 Gazebo permit*  $100
 Stand-alone breakwater  $500 for first 100 feet plus $1/foot over 100 feet
 Pre-2008 Concrete Walkway permit  $100
*Post-2008 decks, patios, gazebos and walkways are prohibited.  

Use Fee List


Docks that use and occupy over 3,000 square feet will pay an annual use fee of $0.06/square foot of area of water space occupied as determined by Ameren Missouri. [Minimum annual fee $180]

Lump Sum

    New docks and modifications to existing docks                                                                              Fees 

    • That use and occupy between 1,800 and 3,000 square feet of water space                         $400 
    • That use and occupy less than 1,800 square feet of water space                                         $250 
    • Piers less than 3,000 square feet that cantilever over the seawall or
                extend over the lake or are located on Ameren Missouri’s property                                     $250

* Any subsequent modifications to existing docks will require the payment of use fee.

Enforcement Fees List
  • Failure to obtain a permit  $2,000 
  • Failure to comply with permit conditions  $2,000 
* Any dock or property owner who fails to obtain a permit, fails to comply with the terms of a permit issued, or fails to comply with Ameren Missouri's policies or directives at Lake of the Ozarks shall be liable for all costs - including attorney’s fees and interest - incurred in the enforcement of Ameren Missouri’s permit provision.