How to Request Technical Conference

Dear fellow supporters for a better shore line management plan:

I’m urging you to encourage the FERC to simply hold a meeting (Technical Conference) so that all parties will be in one room, with a mediator, to discuss and resolve open technical issues with the SMP. FERC has resisted this common sense solution, going so far as to tell Congressman Robert Hurt NO. Perhaps if we request in mass such a meeting, FERC cannot continue to hide in the ivory tower and enable AEP to implement a defective SMP.

Please help our cause by filing a request for Technical Conference using FERC eComment. eComment is an easy way to reach the Commission and doesn’t require you to have previously registered. It will take you less than 5 minutes and it could get us the technical conference we need to resolve SMP issues.

Please forward this request to others you know who agree that the SMP needs to be fixed.

Just follow these steps to request a technical conference:

Click on this link or copy this and paste the link into your browser window

2. Your browser will open and simply enter your Name, email address and phone number in the required fields and enter the letters -- click Authorize

3. The next screen states --

Thank you for your interest in submitting eComments to FERC. 
You will recieve an e-mail with detailed instructions on how you can submit your eComment. 

4. You should receive an email shortly from Open the email and click on the link to continue with your filing.

5. The FERC screen will open with a new screen showing your Name, email address and Phone Number.

6. Enter Docket Number -- P-2210-207 click search and select the docket when it appears by clicking on the blue cross

7. Copy and Paste the following text into the comment window:

I write to request that the Commission convene a technical conference pursuant to the 18 C.F.R. § 385.601 regarding shoreline management matters at Appalachian Power Company’s (Appalachian) Smith Mountain Pumped Storage Project (P-2210). I believe a technical conference involving DHAC Staff, the Commission’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Staff, Appalachian, TCRC, and other parties will contribute greatly to the efficient resolution of pending disputes regarding these matters, and hopefully the prevention of future disputes.

Additionally and without reservation, I endorse the comments of the Tri-County Relicensing Committee (see elibrary no. 20110415-5003) previously filed with the Commission on 14 April 2011. This comprehensive document provides the best way forward to resolving shoreline management issues at this project that are adversely impacting property values, the environment, and jobs.

8. Click submit and you’re done.

Thank you in advance for sending this request …

Best Regards,

Bill Brush