CURB is soliciting input from Marine Related Business owners who have had first-hand experience with APCO's Shoreline Management Enforcement Staff.  If you own or operate a business that is dependent upon Smith Mountain or Leesville Lake for its success you should take this survey.  Normally we only hear from folks that have had issues or have a complaint and feel they have been treated unfairly.  The survey below is provided to gain information, anonymously, on your experiences - both positive and negative.  To protect your anonymity, if that is a concern, you can also email details/specifics to

Eventually CURB will share responses to the survey, less any specifics that could identify individuals.  For those business owners that have suffered damages or believe they were treated unfairly, CURB would like contact information and specifics of your situation so we can build a database that may be used to identify a class of individuals.  If the survey reveals there are a number of businesses who have suffered financial loss, CURB will consider follow-on legal action to recover damages.

So please take the following survey.  It only takes a few minutes.  If you choose to share specifics, CURB guaranties your anonymity.  The are also separate surveys for Shoreline Property Owners and Realtors that also apply to you.