Our Core Principles

We seek to CURB FERC abuses of their original mandate—to make electric power and to operate the project responsibly, for the benefit of the fishery, interstate commerce, public recreation and the environment.

We believe that the U.S. Constitution prohibits the delegation of regulatory authority to a private for profit corporation.

We oppose the overreach of FERC that suppresses the rights of property owners to enjoy their property, to recreate, and to sell their property without restriction.

We support the rights of local businesses to innovate and serve their customers without being told what services they can provide and where they can provide them.

We believe the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) is unbalanced; that existing regulatory law is sufficient to protect our natural resources; and that added SMP burdens come without any benefit.

We believe the SMP should be consistent and must conform to state law in order to protect private investment in property, and to avoid confusion arising from differing regulations.

We believe the shoreline classifications in the SMP are inconsistent with relevant federal and state laws and regulations, and undeservedly usurp the constitutional powers of the state and localities.

We believe dock and associated permit terms must be limited to the property rights of the project operator and the property owner.

We believe the permitting process is inadequate to handle the demands of the project, and is negatively impacting marine and local businesses, their customers, real estate transactions and real estate values.

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