What follows is an analysis/explanation of the terms of the typical/predominant flowage easement.  There are multiple varieties of flowage easements in effect, but the language below is universal.  For example, some flowage easements explicitly give the fee simple property owner the right to build docks.  Other varieties waive some of Appalachian's rights or provide additional rights to the fee simple property owner.  Your associated flowage easement is recorded with the Clerk of the Court in the County you reside and can be found with a chain of title search.  Most flowage easements were agreed upon and recorded in the 1959 -1960 time frame.  Some have been modified since to include references to Appalachian's Federal license.

    It is important to note that in the vast majority of cases, Appalachian's controlling interest over what the FERC calls "Project Lands" is the Typical FLOWAGE RIGHT AND EASEMENT DEED, which is dissected and explained below.