posted Oct 19, 2014, 5:26 AM by Site administrator
CURB Update -- APCo’s Latest Rationale -- WE CAN REMOVE ANYTHING!

Rather than acknowledge the access rights waterfront landowners reserved in perpetuity when they granted APCo the right to flood a portion of their property, APCo chooses to construe the easement exclusively to their advantage.  APCo’s personnel tell their customers the flowage easement gives them the right to remove anything located below the 800 foot elevation contour whenever they choose; but as a general rule, they will allow docks to be placed upon the shoreline provided that they meet the requirements of the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP); but only if you agree to their Permit terms. 
So APCo, try to remove the 6,500 docks and other non-permitted structures allowed to be built within the project boundary. Let’s have a dialog about how you plan to remove unpermitted marinas, condo buildings, homes, decks, boat ramps, beaches, riprap, sea walls, fire pits, gazebos, restaurants, gas docks, gas storage tanks, septic tanks, drain-fields, wells, fences and whatever else you allowed -- none of which apparently harmed project operations.  

We look forward to the explanation of how your selective and arbitrary enforcement procedures are legit. Explain where in your license FERC gave you the right to take private property rights without payment. APCo has the ability to fix their permit to be consistent with our property rights; but if they did, then they would have to admit to FERC they do not hold sufficient property rights to implement the SMP -- quite the dilemma! 

WE now need your support to BUILD our WAR CHEST to fight and win. No property owner on Smith Mountain or Leesville Lakes should continue to allow the few fight for the rights of the many.