Riprap and other issues -- Anonymous

posted Dec 6, 2014, 8:52 AM by Site administrator
11/18/2014 15:36:33

AEP rep showed up unexpectedly during rip rap repair contract work.  Our contractor was told not to use cloth under many tons of touch up rip rap; he was shocked by the surprise order and perceived harassment and became very anxious for the impact on his business and livelihood - within two weeks of the incident the contractor died due to (what I recall to have been) a sudden cardiopulmonary failure - it appears that stress caused by the injustice and inappropriateness of AEP behavior contributed to his death. Prior to that we were asked to send photos from prior decades to document the state of vegetation and use and never received clarity about whether AEP would "require" modifications - the delay and uncertainty arising from the unlawful claim of rights in the application has resulted in loss of nearly 10 feet of property due to erosion and consequent flooding.  Prior to that we were required to submit dock measurements and drawings for a dock built decades ago over land we own, and uncertainty of AEP treatment of repairs has delayed repair