Supporting Comments from Multiple Stakeholders

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12/4/2014  The [Shoreline Management Plan, or SMP] lays out specific regulations associated with dock and marina construction, island protection, shoreline stabilization [erosion], flotation materials, resource protection areas, public access, vegetation cover, woody debris, protection of cultural resources and other activities on or around the lakes, Shepelwich [AEP Spokesperson] wrote in an email to ABC 13 News. The SMP seeks to balance progressive development and environmental issues around the lakes [Smith Mountain and Leesville].

12/3/2014 17:41:09
I think you are fools to support anyone wanting to build a 100 foot long dock on SML. I live there on the water and would love property rights for
homeowners but not abusers. How much would my property value decrease if I lived beside your poster child? CURB Commentary -- The SMP allows docks up to 100' long.

11/18/2014 23:16:03 I support the SMP.  CURB Commentary -- This stakeholder's dock built was before 2000 and never had to deal with an APCO inspection.

11/18/2014 15:26:28 They were helpful when - 1) I requested the over-sized dock, built prior to SLM, to be grandfathered ... and 2) when I needed exact determination on where to put a new retaining wall near the lake.