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Dear FERC: STOP Stealing My Property!

Your one-size-fits-all Shoreline Management Plan regulations encourage your operators to take my property rights without compensation. FERC STOP imposing new shoreline regulations decades after hydroelectric projects were first built. You are discouraging private investment, lowering property values, killing jobs, limiting access to project waters, inhibiting fee simple landowner’s ability to sell, violating multiple Federal, State and local ordinances, and trampling on our personal property rights. Your retroactive rules are irrational, without reason, or scientific basis. FERC your Unnecessary Regulatory Burden outweighs any public benefit and has had a crushing impact on the local economy. Wise regulatory decisions depend on careful analysis of the likely consequences of regulation.FERC you do NOT have the legal authority to regulate States, localities or individuals. If the Federal license you ordered applied to us, why would your licensed operator be asking us to agree it does?Does a police officer, before he issues a ticket, ask you to acknowledge he has the authority to stop and ticket you? Does the IRS ask you to sign an agreement giving them the authority to collect your taxes? Absolutely Not - because We the People gave our governmental institutions the authority! But FERC no elected government gave you the authority to regulate us!CURB your actions!

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