APCO's 1960 License

CURB supporters asked to see the terms and conditions of APCO's original license. The following table is a summary of APCO's original license issued by the Federal Power Commission on April 25, 1960. Thus the original license represents the conditions that existed between the company and the Federal Power Commission during this time period The blue text below are those license articles that APCO later agreed to accept. It was not until 17 February 1998 that APCO agreed to regulate non-project uses within the project. APCO's claims that it has federal authority to require landowners to sign its Permits is an outright lie.

The reader should note that most Flowage Right and Easement Deeds were also negotiated during 1960. Clearly APCO had no requirement under its original license to regulate uses and occupancies on lands it did not own and consequently did not issue permits or licences to shoreline property owners or attempt to regulate or limit shoreline owner's use of the easement. Also note that a federal license and subsequent amendments or renewals cannot alter property rights. Property rights flow with the land title.